College Volleyball Recruiting Newsletter – VIII

The term “College Volleyball” encompasses five categories and multiple collegiate athletic governing bodies.  Families should have an understanding of all the College Volleyball opportunities; we have listed the various links and a snapshot of each category! It is a bunch of information to digest but worth the effort to better manage your College Volleyball process.

Because of the sports media and television, folks tend to have a better grasp of DI athletics, but be aware that each DI sport has its own recruiting rules and scholarship limits.

Want to know the DI rules?

Curious about how your favorite DI team is rated?

Are you eligible to play DI?

If you want to have a better balance of academics and high level Volleyball, then DII is a good fit.

DII rules –

See the DII Volleyball regional rankings –

What do you need to be eligible?

The “academic” division of the NCAA; when school is your priority and focus, but you still want to play college volleyball. Please remember that DIII offers no athletic scholarship support.

Even DIII has rules –

There are more DIII volleyball teams than any other category –

Eligibility is determined by each school, as opposed to the NCAA Eligibility Center.

National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics – Commonly known as the NAIA. For Volleyball, the NAIA and NCAA DII have many similarities in terms of level of play and scholarship support.

Learn more about the NAIA –

Are you eligible?

Rankings – and

Junior College

The “JC” category includes a few different governing bodies, based upon geographic location and scholarship support. If you haven’t found that best fit 4 year school or still developing your skill sets, a JC is a great 1st step into collegiate athletics!

National Junior College Athletics Association (NJCAA) has 3 divisions each with different levels of athletic support –

California Community College Athletics Association is a non athletic scholarship association but has both men’s and women’s volleyball –

Northwest Athletic Conference – Representing Oregon, Washington, Idaho and British Columbia –

If you find all the links, teams, conferences, rules, scholarships and eligibility a bit overwhelming, we suggest consider our partner, Athletic Recruiting Counselors ( to help you manage your College Volleyball recruiting process – ARC is only volleyball recruiting and they are the experts!

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