What is the Recruiting Evaluation?

We will call you at the pre-set meeting time and share our computer screen (you don’t need to download anything). Then we will discuss your current volleyball experience, your collegiate goals, both athletically and academically, along with your comfort zone with various geographic regions of the USA.  We will also share how we manage our ARC families, and all the benefits that we provide.  This is a comfortable discussion where we can learn more about your athlete, and you can learn more about our process!


How long is the Recruiting Evaluations meeting?

The meeting usually takes about 30 to 45 minutes, depending upon the number of questions.


Does the student-athlete need to be on the Recruiting Evaluation call?

We always welcome having the player on the call, as there are questions we ask about their collegiate goals and preferences, but it is not mandatory.  The Recruiting Evaluation is equally geared towards the parents, as today’s recruiting environment demands adult oversight, so we routinely conduct our meetings with just the parents.


Do you evaluate the player’s volleyball abilities during the meeting?

As part of the Recruiting Evaluation, we will review the player’s position, height, volleyball experience and accomplishments, along with their current club volleyball team.  This gives us a general idea of the athlete’s collegiate potential.   When a family joins ARC, then we do a comprehensive breakdown of their skill sets, which allows us to properly promote them to the appropriate collegiate programs.


Do you support other sports than volleyball?

No, our only sport is volleyball – Women’s Indoor, Women’s Beach and Men’s Indoor.  Volleyball is our expertise and our passion, and we take great pride in the successful support of our families!


Can anybody join ARC?

No – We only send the Membership Link to families after the Recruiting Evaluation meeting.  We are not an ‘open enrollment’ service and we don’t engage in massive social media to garner clients – We need to ensure that we are a good fit  for the family and that the family is a good fit for ARC!


How many players are with ARC?

Unlike other services, we support a limited number of families, with approximately 75 athletes with ARC at any one time.  Compare that to the mega services that are ‘supporting’ thousands and thousands of players.  The ARC families will never be a number, and enjoy personal, dedicated service.


Why don’t you list the cost of ARC on the website?

Because we are not an open enrollment service, and we need to conduct a Recruiting Evaluation meeting with all potential families.


Why do I need to have a devise (computer, tablet) during the meeting?

We will share our computer screen with you during the Recruiting Evaluation Meeting; you don’t have to download anything, there is no password required and it is a one way view (we don’t see you or anything on your computer).  By seeing our screen, we can guide you through the meeting by asking specific questions, along with sharing exactly how we are able to manage our families and the benefits of the ARC membership.


When is the right time to join ARC? 8th grade is too early? Senior is too late?

8th grade is the earliest that we would offer an ARC membership to a family but the recruiting efforts generally start during the freshman year of club volleyball.  We will accept Senior athletes, up until March of their Senior year, as we want to ensure we have time to successfully manage their recruiting process.  It is important to note that our membership price is not per graduation year – The ARC membership costs the same no matter what year in school you may be.


What happened if parents have 2 (children) players?

We routinely provide support to families that have multiple children playing club volleyball and wanting to play in college.  From twins to siblings in different grades, to brother and sister memberships.  For families with multiple children, we are able to provide a family discount of approximately 25% when both children join at the same time!


How I can reschedule an appointment?

A family can easily reschedule any appointment by clicking https://www.arcvb.com/form-evaluation/ – We understand that the life of club volleyball families gets a little crazy!